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Agriturismo OliVenere - Lavagna, Genova

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Dicembre 2018


Dicembre 2018

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What to taste

DOC Wines

  • Ligurian wines Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà
    a raisin wine which helps the taste of cheeses e desserts stand out.
  • Ligurian wines Colli di Luni: Val di Magra
    Vermentino with a mild straw-like colour and fresh taste as main caracteristics.
    It goes very well together with the scent of rosemary and thyme and hence with fish.
  • Ligurian wines Levanto hills: Levanto
    Levanto, a white or red wine good for meals in general or as new wine.
    The white Levanto has different nuances of straw-yellow and a delicate and persistent perfume, as if fruited.
    Its dry but harmonious flavour is the perfect companion of fish.
    The red Levanto can come in different shades of ruby red. Consistent with its white brother, its scent is delicate and mildly persistent and its flavour dry and harmonious.
    These characteristics make it a perfect wine for the tasting of the biological meat from Val di Vara.
  • Ligurian wines Tigullio gulf
    Portofino DOC, antique wines originally produced in the vineyards of the noble Fieschi family.
    The market for these products was so vast that they were also exported to London.
    They can come still or sparkling, red, white or rosé and should be served before dinner, due to their dry but lively taste.


  • Extravirgin olive oil with Eastern Riviera Ligure Olives DOP Extravirgin olive oil with Eastern Riviera Ligure Olives DOP
    There are several varieties of olive trees along the whole Ligurian coast line, among which the Lavagnina type olive trees are grown at Olivenere.
    These produce a special olive oil with low acidity and a fruited taste where delicate sweetness and spicy bitterness are mixed.
    This kind of olive oil is easily digestible and has antioxidant abilities, preserving bone's health, but most of all it is exquisite. .

Products of the region

  • Typical Ligurian food Monterosso’s anchovies
    Area of production: Cinque Terre, along the coastline between Punta Mesco and Punta Cavo.
    The special geographical position and hence the relative weather conditions impose the perfect degree of salinity of sea water for the -bread of the sea- or anchovies.
    In the Ligurian tradition these fish are prepared in a whole range of different ways, among which in salt, in olive oil or stuffed.
  • Typical Ligurian food Mostardella
    It is a typical product of the Genoese inland, a special kind of ham made out of both pork and beef.
    The optimal way to eat it is in thick slices on a warm piece of bread.
  • Typical Ligurian food Sant’Olcese’s salame
    This salame has a particular taste coming from of a seasoning split in different stages.
    For a few days it is kept in a room being heated by a chimney in which durmast wood is burnt; afterwards, for two or three months, it is exposed to dry air in a room where temperature and humidity are kept under control.
  • Typical Ligurian food Chestnuts drought in the Calizzano and Murialdo’s -tecci-
    The drying process of chestnuts happens in small stone and wooden constructions called tecci for about two months.
    Followingly, fruits are used for several recipes, such as castagnaccio, a sweet dessert prepared using chestnut flour, raisin and pine nuts.
  • Typical Ligurian food Recco’s cheese focaccia
    The thin and crunchy puff pastry together with the regional cheeses, such as -prescinsêua-, are the distinguishing characteristics of Cheese Focaccia, which, on a national scale, is important enough to be awarded with the IGP mark (Protected Geographical Origin).
  • Typical Ligurian food Genoese Pesto
    The tradition requires pesto to be prepared using a marble container, a -mortaio-, and a special round wooden stick called -pestello-.
    The recipe of pesto includes small leaves of basil, garlic, salt, parmisan, pecorino cheese and olive oil coming from the Ligurian Riviera.
  • Typical Ligurian food Pansoti in walnuts sauce
    Pansoti are a delicious kind of tringle shaped ravioli (stuffed pasta), stuffed with different types of vegetables, cheese and eggs.
    The regional tradition wants them eaten with a fabulous sauce made of crushed walnuts.
  • Typical Ligurian food Ligurian Buridda
    This a soup made of fish cut in pieces, in which olive oil, pine nuts, capers, mushrooms and parsley are added.
    It is very tasty and should be tried dipping bread in it.
  • Typical Ligurian food Farinata
    Farinata is true Ligurian specialty and is a fluten free recipe prepared using chickpea flour, water, extravirgin olive oil, salt and rosemary.
    According to the Ligurian tradition, it can be cooked with onions or artichokes on top as well as fresh cheese.