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Agriturismo OliVenere - Lavagna, Genova

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Dicembre 2018


Dicembre 2018

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  • Excursions and trails in Liguria Olivenere – Mount Capenardo
    The trekker needs to start walking uphill from Olivenere towards Santa Giulia’s church (240m above sea level).
    On the eastern side of the farm, you can find the start of the walk being signalled by a red sign.
    Passing by some beautiful villas and climbing ancient stairways, you get to a narrow concrete road you need to follow on the crest of the hill, surrounded by the typical stone-made walls.
    Cross on the right-hand side the path to Crocetta (296m a.s.l. – 20’ walk) and enter the small village. Little after a small street with stairs, leave the road e go up along cultivated area, among terraces and flowered fields.
    Followingly, you find a pavemented street you need to walk for not long, until you meet a stairway, similar to that just climbed, taking the trekker back to another pavemented road to cross into a new stairway.
    This goes sideway to some farm houses up across woods of holm oaks and conifers.
    The uphill path ends up at the bottom of Mount Le Rocchette (702m a.s.l. – 1h 15’ from S. Giulia).
    Walking for a few minutes a path on the left-hand side takes the trekker on the top, where a beautiful view of Lavagna, Chiavari and the gulf of Tigullio is awaiting.
    Back to the pass with a small slate sign, further 15 minutes of walking will take you through a ridge straight to Mount Capenardo (693m a.s.l.), a beautiful grass field surrounded by trees where a sign marks the top and reminds you to admire the landscape.
    The way back to Olivenere can be made in the same way you made it up.
  • Excursions and trails in Liguria Olivenere – Lavagna
    1h and 10’ walk from Olivenere to Lavagna.
    Leaving Olivenere, the stairway down on the side of the villa arrives to Rigone.
    Keep walking on the typical regional path walked so far, surrounded by superb terraces and olive trees, and cross the pavemented road after following it for a few metres.
    In front of the trekker a delightful landscape of the Fontanabuona mountains opens up.
    Once olive trees are passed by, the path turns wilder and the vegetation truly Mediterranean.
    Once the chapel of S. Benedetto is reached, the path follows on the right-hand side among houses and gardens followed by some stairways among olive trees growing on terraces.
    The walk is signalled by the FIE mark – a red sign.
    This is the old way to get to Santa Giulia, a walk full historical relevance.
    Climb the steep path down between two walls so that you meet the small river to follow on the side until you reach via Dante and the historical centre of Lavagna.
  • Excursions and trails in Liguria Olivenere – Cavi di Lavagna
    This path first goes on the side of Olivenere in the direction of Sorlana, parallel to the pavemented road.
    Find a tiled path, flat at first and downhill after among olive trees towards Cavi.
    Crossing the panoramic road, keep going downhill until the church of Cavi Borgo and the main road Aurelia s.s., or alternatively, turning left to Via della Pineta, you can also walk down to Cavi Borgo.
    This walk takes about one hour and a half and is suitable for everybody.
  • Excursions and trails in Liguria Olivenere – Barassi
    Barassi (201 m.) - Sorlana (301 m.) - Crocetta (296 m.) - Santa Giulia (246 m.) – Nearby the church of Barassi in Lavagna, after 100 metres in the direction of Sorlana, take the beautiful path almost parallel to the main road among houses.
    After 20 minutes, a short deviation takes us an old water mill.
    Here, follow the way until the church of Sorlana.
    The way back to Lavagna is made via Crocetta on the same path walked previously.